They say that moving house is on a par with going through a divorce in terms of stress levels and there is probably some truth in it!

Without a doubt moving from A to B can be extremely stressful not to mention expensive. So when we are moving house it is often tempting to avoid what is often seen as an additional but maybe not essential cost of hiring a professional removal service and maybe it is something that is left off your list.

I myself have opted for the DIY option but I only did it once. It is not an experience I would ever repeat. The advantages of a professional removal service far outweigh the cost of hiring one for a whole number of reasons!

10 reasons why you should hire professional removal services

  1. You will have piece of mind – Moving is extremely stressful. Hiring professionals ensures that your belongings will be safely relocated to your new home. Your stuff is in good hands with people who have done this many times before, safely packed and reliably transported to your new home.
  2. Working with experts – inviting friends for a removal party day seems like a good idea but usually results in very little work being done and arguments! You cant beat experts. Simple. They know what they are doin´g and they do it quickly and efficiently. Job done!
  3. They are accountable – Hiring professional movers means they are responsible for any damages which occur during transport. This is rare if you hire a top quality removal firm but at least you have piece of mind.
  4. Fast and Efficient – Hiring professional movers means the whole stressful process of moving becomes more streamlined. Doing all the packing and moving yourself is a long and tedious process. A professional company will do it in a fraction of the time saving you a lot of time and hassle.
  5. Efficiency guaranteed – Hiring movers means you won´t have to handle/carry or lift the bulkiest items in your home. They can simply do a better job and do it much faster, transferring everything to their transport and moving it quickly to your new home.
  6. No heavy lifting – If you have ever lifted heavy furniture you will know it is not a pleasant experience! And one wrong move can lead to weeks of pain and discomfort. Hiring professionals removes this risk. They have experience in lifting and transporting the heaviest of items without any problems. It really isn´t worth risking your health.
  7. Experience is vital – Experience cannot be underestimated when moving house. It is a stressful and often difficult time and having someone who has done it many times before is extremely helpful. Any last minute or unforeseen problems seem less of a worry when you have an experienced team of movers by your side.
  8. Help with an inventory – This is often neglected by movers, or simply forgotten in the chaos of planning a move. A professional company can make a record of all items that need to be moved. A professionally prepared inventory can reduce the time of a move considerably and also avoids leaving anything behind
  9. Safety is their priority – Hiring professionals makes your moving process much safer. These experts, with years of experience know the best techniques for carrying, uploading, transporting and unloading all of your possessions without damaging them. A professional company will also arrange a packaging service to ensure safety during the move
  10. Little or no hassle – This is perhaps the real selling point for movers! Often a horrible and stressful experience is compounded when you decide to do it yourself. Enlisting family and friends sometimes only adds to the problem and quite simply the hiring of professionals is a no brainer! The burden is removed from you to allow you get on with planning the many other things that are required to be done when moving

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